uKit Review

uKit Review

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uKit Review

New modern easy-to-use uKit website builder


Nowadays there is a huge variety of different site builders, which can help you quickly and easily create your own and full-fledged site. All you need to do is to choose a beautiful template and add your content.

UKit is not just another site builder, but a service with history. His “father” can be considered as the well-known service Ucoz. The team that previously worked on Ucoz is currently working on Ukit, incorporating all the most advanced features into its functionality. Almost 5 years ago uCoz users were invited for beta testing of the new website builder. That’s how the story of uKit starts. UKit was created in 2015 by Moscow-based Ucoz Media. UKit was presented as a simple and intuitive website builder for business landings and online stores. While uCoz is the best system for creating structurally complex, large and specific types of sites, the obvious scope of uKit is exactly the opposite. uKit website builder is beneficial to use it to create small sites. With it help, you can create a website entirely in visual mode. Although there are a few shortcomings, such as limited settings, you will find everything you need to create a decent website.


Advantages and disadvantages of uKit


Great choice of themes

 You can choose among more than 200 design themes with the help of uKit. All themes are perfectly organized into categories, and you will find a design that fits for your business. Premium designs are available at a very affordable price. 

Adaptability to mobile devices

 All the uKit themes can be used on any screen, including a smartphone and tablet.

Powerful blogging platform

After adding a blog, you can use some interesting options, for example: you can postpone a publication, add the author’s name, select SEO settings, integrative social networking buttons, add videos and images to publications etc. All this together makes uKit a reliable blogging tool.

Backup system

uKit gives you the possibility to perform manual and automatic back up. Automatic backups can be done by system regularly within particular time intervals (week, month etc). Manual backup can be done any time you need. Backup can be restored at any time without any loss of content.

The ability to turn a Facebook page to a website.

Using uKit tools you can easily convert content from your Facebook page to a valuable website! All you need is to provide your Facebook page link and uKit will automatically create a website based on the available content. Then your site can be customized according to your needs.

Reliable email support

uKit e-mail works really effectively. The support team responds to request during the day.

uKit blog

 The service has a frequently asked questions section, which is used to speed up work with various aspects of website creation.



  • Most themes look quite similar
  • Limited customization opportunities

 Although uKit has some unpleasant features, the settings are very limited compared to other modern website builders. For example, you cannot change custom colors unless you upgrade your account to Pro level, and you cannot change basic things, such as font type or text size.

Few communication options

uKit does not support live chat and the ability to communicate by phone, the only way to resolve your issues is via email.


Ease of Use

uKit is a set of tools that allows you to create sites online and administer them without any specialized knowledge. It’s is really easy. Everything is done step by step. You don’t have to mess with complex HTML and FTP codes.

With uKit, you can choose a ready-made design template, colors and modules that will be displayed on it. Working with the constructor doesn’t require any knowledge of the HTML programming language. uKit website builder doesn’t require any coding background.

You needn’t  to learn coding programming ​​for years to publish various pages - website designers will do all the routine and difficult work for you.

As for ease of use, small studios often give in to designers, as they always require a fee for making even minor changes to the site. With the constructor you can independently and promptly make amendments, absolutely free of charge!

Using the drag-and-drop editor you can easily edit the desktop, move an image gallery, and create blog entries.

uKit works with English, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian languages, so visitors can use your site in all above-mentioned languages.


uKit Feature Set and Flexibility

●       The main development tools are the visual editor and widgets, 

It allows you to change pages in real time, controlling the result. This is a very convenient scheme for beginners.

There are quite a few widgets in uKit from obvious ones like headlines and galleries to specific ones like calculator services or store goods. Each of them, in the manner of modules in uCoz, is responsible for the implementation of a specific part of the functionality. Combining their combinations, you get pages with a unique structure and the desired content. All this can be done with the help of mouse.

Each widget has its own settings that allow you to adjust the display of content and the appearance. Just select a template (there are about 300 of them) and you get a ready-made demo site already filled with widgets and stub-content for any area of business. You can just slightly adjust the structure, replace the information with your own and get a ready-made site.

Note the possibility of free connection of SSL certificates. This thing is especially relevant for those who want to create a store in uKit. You can trade using the capabilities of the standard widget “Store Item” or synchronization with Ecwid.

●       The system has a very useful widget "Calculator of services

It’s based on the uCalc functionality. For example, you sell flowers, windows, or have a taxi service. By adding a calculator for calculating the cost of a bouquet, a window or a trip to the website, you will receive an effective tool for collecting applications. Such things are very popular with visitors: a person can customize an order and immediately see how much it costs for him.

●       Conveniently implemented widget for creating tables

It’s just perfect for the design of a variety of schedules, prices and other things in such way. This is not just a short black and white table, but a full-fledged block with customizable design and margins.

●       Customize the font pairs for the site and crop the added images.

The user can manually select 2 fonts (for headings and everything else) and adjust their display in a rather detailed manner (line spacing, size, font type, spacing between letters).

●       The built-in “Video” widget

You can add a video link, set autoplay, show similar videos at the end of the video, display the player control panel and video title. All this can be turned on / off using the sliders in the widget settings in a couple of mouse clicks.

●       Unlimited storage for files

●       Automatic optimization of user photos.


Multiple Design options

First of all, the variety and quality of templates are striking. All of them are distributed in 40 themes and areas of activity, which contain more than 400 templates. You can rebuild, create and delete blocks, change pictures in the sliders, colors of any elements, fonts, menu order, put a video on the background in sections and so on. If necessary, you can completely change the selected template to any other.

To simplify the development process, it is advisable to choose a template according to your interest: a photography, construction, law, shipping, tourism, finance, education etc. So you will immediately get an acceptable structure and demo data. Making changes to the latter will allow you to make half of the site in just 20 minutes, additionally correcting the background, colors and, possibly, the default arrangement of blocks and widgets.

The design of any template can be customized manually for PCs, tablets and phones. Select the blocks you want to hide in the mobile mode, change the backgrounds, the number of columns for different widgets or completely remove the header and footer, if it is necessary from the mobile version. Background and stuff will change depending on the device used by the visitor.

As a background, you can use both a simple color scheme, a user-uploaded image, and even Yandex or Google maps.


What can uKit offer for SEO

The site that is created in uKit is already optimized for promotion, all you have to do is to think out the structure and design, fill in the meta tags correctly, set up links between pages and attach your own domain.

  • Meta-tag Title should briefly and clearly describe your activity. The content of this meta tag is displayed in the search engine and browser address bar.
  • Meta-tag Description contains a brief description of the page, based on which, search engines fill in snippets:
  • Meta-tag Keywords should be filled with keywords that describe the content of the page. These can be individual words or phrases, but they must necessarily appear on the page.

You can specify meta tags in the constructor in the page settings on the SEO tab.

External promotion includes advertising a resource on other sites, purchasing links from thematic resources, writing advertising articles and other methods.

You can assess the readiness of the site for publication in the "Promotion" section. If your site is already in the Green Zone then notify the search engines about it and proceed to the promotion.

Adding a site to Google and Yandex search engines is automated, just log in to your account under “Promotion”. Do not forget to add information about the company in Yandex. Reference book and Google maps on the “Maps” tab, so users from your region will more often see the site in the results of the issue by regional request.

To collect information about site visitors, connect Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics in the “Statistics” section of the uKit control panel.

Of course, do not forget about the content. Content must be unique and thematically related to keywords. Unique content - this is the original author articles, photos, audio and video materials that do not have copies in search engines.


Reliable email support, but few communication options


uKit does not support live chat and the ability to communicate by phone, but their e-mail works quite effectively. The support team responds during the day, and resolves all customers’ questions.

The service has a frequently asked questions section, which helps to speed up work with various aspects of website creation, but, unfortunately, the uKit blog is updated irregularly.


uKit Pricing Policy

Currently, uKit offers four paid plans: Premium, Premium Plus, eCommerce, and Pro. Before paying for any of them, you can test it for 14 days completely free of charge, and then you will be billed.

  • Premium entry level (5$/mo or 48$/year) provides you basic functions, including a custom domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited number of pages and site visitors, unlimited number of SMS-notifications, unlimited number of domains and access to around-the-clock support. This plan also offers you powerful site statistics, mobile responsive templates, hosting, backups, and access to over 200 templates.
  • With Premium Plus plan (10$/mo or 96$/year) you get everything that is included in the Premium plan and some premium templates, access to communication with technical support and statistics created by Google Analytics.
  • If you want to create an online store, eCommerce plan (12$/mo or 115$/year) is a good option. You can easily integrate Ecwid, as well as take an advantage of all the features offered at the Premium Plus tariff.
  • Pro paid plan (15$/mo or 144$/year) gives you all the same eCommerce tariff options, plus additional options, including custom code and custom color palettes

4.9out of 5

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uKit User Reviews


"Learning to Build a Website using uKit Website Builder"

I am building my own website with my own ideas with the uKit Website Builder. It’s is really amazing! It’s my first experience and still I didn’t face any problems working with uKit. uKit makes it so easy to build a website even with no coding or programming experience. You just select the template, drag and drop everything you want to be on the page and here you go. The site is done quickly and easily.


“Convenient Website Builder”

The system of paid plans is well thought out; plans differ in the range of available functions (statistics, special features for the online store, the great number of templates, code integration, own color palette, instant communication with customer support). The minimum price for a monthly subscription is $ 4, the maximum is $ 12. Payment is possible by credit card or via PayPal.

It is easy to create a web site. uKit offers free 2 weeks of trial period. All templates are easily adapted to all types of devices. The choice of fonts is large or you can use your own. There are no restrictions on the amount of pages, videos and photos. Elements are easy to drag and drop and the visual editor shows you all the changes made. It was possible to immediately create a full-fledged online store and fasten the basic tools for attracting customers (a form for ordering a callback, chat, automatic mailings). For additional customization (which I didn’t really need) you need to get uKit premium plan.


“Simple and clear”

A long time ago I used Ucoz platform to create a site of my own. It was an interesting experience for me though I couldn’t make it. Once I found out that Ucoz Media realized a new website builder and I couldn’t hold myself from giving a second chance. And what I can say now is absolutely yes! Everything is so beautiful, I just hope to increase to see more themes.


“You can make a good site in 2-3 hours”

For the 1st time using uKit, I made a site in 2 days: I tested the builder, the possibilities that a particular module  does. Now I can do almost any site I need with it help in 2-3 hours. The designer does not require programming skills, you don’t need to code anything, or Photoshop. There are enough templates, all are adaptive (so that the site looks beautiful on the phone). Plus they can be reconfigured - blocks, color, font, background, etc. You can add many different widgets - chat, search engine, player, callback, price list and much more. SEO is good, meta tags are prescribed for all pages, there is synchronization with Metrics and Analytics. I do not see any significant flaws in the constructor.


“Easy to learn, has all the necessary features”

I have created a site for a furniture store on uKit website builder. It’s kind of business card. Visually, it still looks beautiful, and the content, the promotion - even this site created on the constructor is in the lead of search results. When something wasn’t working properly I contacted support and they always helped to fix it. The site itself is working properly, never fell off for third-party reasons. Personally I am 100% satisfied with the uKit website builder.



How to add Google analytics to uKit?

You can easily connect Google Analytics if needed.

  1. Go to the Dashboard, Statistics and click Connect button.
  2. Select a Google profile
  3. Allow uKit to perform to view and manage your Google analytics data
  4. Create an account with Google Analytics.
  5. Enter all the account data and click Get Tracking ID button
  6. Go back to the uKit Dashboard and click on I have created an account


How many people use uKit?

RBK Group or RosBiznesKonsalting states that as of April 2016, 300,000 sites were created on uKit. According to the RMAA Open Asia study, in 2017 the number of sites reached a million, and paying users from abroad gave 20% of the revenue.

How often does uKit have sales?

When paying for 3, 6 months or 1-2 years at a time, you will additionally be offered a nice discount – -5%, -10%, -20% и -30% correspondingly.

Is uKit really as mobile-friendly?

Yes. All uKit themes are automatically installed on any screen, including a smartphone and tablet

Who is it for?

This is a serious web site focused primarily on a small business whose owners want to create a professional web site.

Is it free?

No. uKit offers four types of paid plans: Premium, Premium Plus, eCommerce, and Pro. The minimum price for a monthly subscription is $ 4, the maximum is $ 12. Before purchasing any of them, you can test it for 14 days completely free of charge, after which you will be billed.

Is it good for blogging?

Yes. uKit has a powerful blogging platform. When working on a blog, you can use some interesting options, for example: you can postpone a publication, or add the author’s name, SEO settings, integrate social networking buttons, add videos and images. All this together creates a reliable blogging tool.



This service will be a godsend for businessmen who do not understand anything in the development of websites. uKit makes it real to make a website in half an hour without writing a line of code and minimal initial knowledge.

Although there are some shortcomings, such as limited customization, you can still find everything you need to create a decent professional website. The builder has too many features and built-in site statistics, powerful blogging tools, a robust e-commerce function, beautiful responsive templates for mobile devices and an intuitive website editor.

The strength of the project is its continuous development, the introduction of new technologies, integration with useful services. At this stage, it is actively increasing the new functionality. Your site will constantly grow as well as your business.